Cat Ghost, A Graphic Novel

​Ever wondered why cats are so unpredictable and strange? Well, that’s all thanks to Cat Ghost! Cat Ghost is a floating consciousness whose sole mission is to turn cats into the neurotic assholes that we all know and love them for. But there’s more to Cat Ghost than it’s cats; Cat Ghost desperately wants to break away from its sinister reality. What kind of reality are we talking about here? Will Cat Ghost make the great escape? What will happen to all the cats? All these questions will be partially answered in this curious tale. 

Cat Ghost is the result of eight months of work for my MA project at Nottingham Trent University. This story is an exploration of what it means to be real. Since I love cartoons and humor, I wanted to see the direction I would go towards with a science fiction theme. Cat Ghost will be available for purchase soon; I am currently working out the kinks of printing and publishing. 

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