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I think it would be fitting to have my first blog post here be about my shiny new website. This isn’t my first webpage, I’ve had my old Weebly one since 2014.  Weebly is a page builder webhost, which means you don’t have to know coding to build yourself something doable. As a non-coder, I found that very comforting and also it being considerably cheaper than Squarespace felt like a great choice at the time. However, the problem with page-builder hosting is that they all tend to look the same. It can also be very limiting. So I switched to WordPress through Namecheap and I am using a theme that made the whole process a hell lot easier. 

Old website with Weebly. I mean Yikes!

I started building this website from scratch, again. I could have migrated (transferred my old website) but I wanted a whole new look. And, oh boy, moving websites is a lot like moving houses. Transferring all your items, tweaking the inner works of your new space, redesigning, etc, all the works needed when you move into a new place, only it’s digital.  And I decided to do all of it myself, without hiring a web developer. The process can be maddening at first; WordPress is a wonderful beast but it can be very daunting and VERY confusing at first. Eventually things get easier once you have an understanding of it. I plan to hire a proper web designer in the future and hopefully have amazing new works to go along with it. But for now, I am feeling this glo up, henny! And I am quite proud of finally having a grip on WordPress.

A little more extra info: you can build a website on wordpress without coding. I used a page builder called Elementor with OceanWP theme. There are also a lot of great widgets out there if you want to add more spark to your site.

Till next time. x

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