Graphic Design and Vector Art

Flat Vector Illustrations

Book Design

Sensing Bangladesh

Sensing Bangladesh features Bangladeshi art of 30 prominent artists. Each artwork is accompanied with poetry responses produced by six talented poets to provide possible interpretations of the featured work and ease the readers into the thoughtful prompts and exercises that follow. For this project, I illustrated the cover art, end papers, prompt icons and other design elements as well as design the book layout. The biggest challenge was to harmonize different dimensions of art images to create a singular visual theme throughout the book, however that was achieved by adding repetitive visual elements – such as colour, lines and fonts – throughout the pages.

Floating Words

Jolebhasha Shobdomala or Floating Words is an anthology poetry book with watercolour illustrations. For this book design project it was important to keep in mind how the illustration and poems would flow together, space became quite a challenge but through grids and and having freedom to edit and manipulate the illustrations (to a reasonable amount) I was able to fit all the poems and illustrations together.

Graphic Design

Bok Bok Books

Logo design for publishing house Bok Bok Books.

Beacon Bangladesh

Volunteer graphic design work for a covid relief foundation in Bangladesh. I redesigned their logo to their theme of unity and Bangladesh’s flag. 

I also did posters for all social media platforms and types, from cover photos to instagram posts.