Bring awareness to the proper way to have Jägermeister, which is at -18ºC.


Jagermiester blew up in the mid-90s as a party drink, leaving many now 35 – 45  year olds with not so fond memories of Jägermeister during their college days. 90s were also a time of mystery and conspiracy theories.


The Jäger Conspiracy – create mystery, conspiracy theories and questions to ask whether they truly knew the real Jägermeister.


All OOH and social media will lead back to microsite dedicated to show the proper way to have Jägermeister, as well as featuring contest and recipes

Social Media

Small conspiracy claims will be released on social media to direct attention towards the microsite.



Iceberg Contest

Since 2015, iceberg charts have been used within internet communities to categorise topics from most known to the most obscure.


Jägermeister will release their own iceberg chart and ask the audience to create their own stories. Based on the content and Jägermeister facts used, winners will be selected who will win a Jägermeister single bottle freezer.


Store Display

Temporary freezers for Jägermeister will be installed in LCBO. These freezers come with screen where a small interactive quiz can be taken to open the freezer. While Jägermeister in regular temperature will be available, getting one in -18ºC will require customers to engage in a fun activity.

Art direction: Farah Khandaker

Copy: Farah Khandaker