Smoking is prevalent among LGBTQ+ 18 -24 year olds, yet many campaigns targetted towards them do no exist. Nicorette wants to create a digital campaign that gives them the confidence to quit.


Gen z live in a quick paced society while they themselves are constantly changing. Research has shown the positive effects of quitting smoking are also fast.


Meet the real new you, focus on all the positive quick benefits of quitting smoking.

PR + Rose Tunnel Installation


Articles about the quick benefits of quitting smoking will be released along with coverage for upcoming rose tunnel installation during Pride Week. This will be the offical launch of the campaign.

The rose tunnel will consist of two sections which is divided by barrier in the middle. In the first half of the tunnel, there will have no scent, whereas the second half will have a strong rose scent. This is to show how smoking decreases a person’s sense of smell and how it can be improved after they quit smoking.


The barrier will also have a QR code that will lead to discounts for Nicorette products. 

Social Media

Push Notification


Through the Nicorette app, reminders will be sent at regular intervals to encourage individuals to continue using Nicorette products. This feature provides a motivational boost, and the positive reinforcement received can help cultivate a desire to continue making progress



A chrome extension that links to the Nicorette app to help users keep track of their progress easier and stay motivated throughout their day