D&AD Brief

Develop a new merchandise identity for Penguin, to appeal to Gen Z readers.


Gen Z consider themselves to be the protagonist in their own life story.


“Main Character Energy” is an identity that celebrates feeling like the main character in your life. Characters are based on the 5 key personality traits, and anyone can find a part of themselves in this design. Additionally, these characters can be used to create personality-specific merchandise.

Merchandising products were selected based on how they enhance the reading experience.




Incense sticks ensure a pleasant reading experience. The back of the box is a tearable bookmark.


Penguin Collectible Kihno are tangible audiobooks that are retro-meets-contemporary must haves for readers who like to own physical books.



How to use a Kihno?
Plug it into your phone and let the bluetooth magic work its way into your ears.

Tearjerker Essential Napkin, that aims to be with the readers through
every tear-jerking novel and life’s moment which unsettles their heart.

Readers can take a quiz on penguin’s website to see which character closely resmebles them. They will be prompted to a box with all the products based on the personality they get.

AD: Farah Khandaker + Hiral Solanki

Copywriter: Shalmi Tawde

Accounts: Sanjna Felix