Children’s book published by Bok Bok Books.

Bok Bok Books is a bilingual children’s book publisher focusing on English and Bengali. For their debut book, they wanted to create a black and white board book for infants and toddlers to introduce them to wonderful Bengali ideophones. Infants see the world black and white for the first few months and so it was important to make these illustrations bold and to sneak in patterns whenever possible.

White & Black is available for shipping worldwide. To place an order, contact Bok Bok Book on facebook or their website.

Creating bold imagery for the purpose of this book felt a bit alien to me. I usually sketch things out before digitizing them but that process did not satisfy me for this brief. So I got a little experimental and made characters with cut out papers. This method ended up creating the shapes that I felt would work best for the book. After a lot of cutting, pasting and scanning I finally got to my final images. 

You can read more about the process at my interview with Bok Bok Books.